Join The Moment Forwarding (Additional Office)


Join The Moment Transitarios, S.A. was established with a fusion of knowledge, skills, professionalism, integrity, and recognized experience in the Iberian Peninsula market. We are driven by excellence in the services provided, offering both sophisticated and diversified freight and logistics solutions to our worldwide customers and partners. Our will is always to perform “Best in class”, thereby becoming a market leader and covering the whole network.

Service Scope We provide 24/7 service availability to our customers and partners worldwide to accomplish their needs and demands; handled by our specially trained staff with full commitment and experience. We are specialized in airfreight and ocean freight, providing a full range of services.

“E-COM JTM Forwarding, being a Logistics Market Leader in Spain and Portugal have an inner mission and values always seeking to be one step forward. Considering that vision, we have already developed our e-Commerce Department. This project was born following the deep knowledge of our staff and taking advantage of our partnership with WCA that recently have launched the WCA eCommerce project.

Regarding the difference types of e-Commerce, we are mainly specialized and focus on the types B2B, B2C and C2B. Managing our action in the range and chart of WCA we have access to a platform designed specifically for e-Commerce logistics based on the most sophisticated IT solutions that allow us to work in a truly integrated worldwide global network.

For JTM “When there is a will, there is a way”. This is our moto, this our way of work, this is our vision, always seeking and challenging the future.

Airfreight – Our airline partners are strategically chosen for their reliability, frequency, capacity, and performance of services to maintain credibility and consistency. We hold space allocations and GSA’s flexibility and on-time performance as a key factor to our air cargo services with the main carriers.

Sea freight – Our partnerships with the main shipping lines allow us to be very flexible, therefore providing an optimal balance between non-negotiable deadlines and usual slow-moving traffic, to manage a diverse product with the best choice of carrier, transit times, and reliability.


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