What is our commitment?

Support SMEs in developing their foreign markets, we pledge to work actively with companies to achieve greater revenue business. Our task is not exhausted in the organization, we seek to provide the participating companies a network of contacts, so that they can effectively develop business opportunities glimpsed during the round.

What is the commitment from participants?

The businessman which forms part is committing to travel on the date indicated. Those days should be reserved for this activity and make a commitment to participate subject to the conditions of the activity. From registration (effectuated by sending the form and payment of the fee), organizers begin working in pursuit of their counterparts potential. Therefore, if you cancel your membership for his decision, not the payment of the fee will be refunded.

How to sign up for the event?

To assist to our event you can register by going to the event´s webpage or simply by email: [email protected]

How do One to One meetings are arrange?

We’ll use a special software that facilitates pre-scheduling of face-to-face meetings between potential and existing business partners. This Internet-based program allows conference attendees to access their itinerary anywhere and schedule meetings at specific time slots without having to contact the other participants to check their availability.

The program allows attendees to view their schedules alongside the schedules of those they would like to have a meeting with, making it possible to easily identify a common free time slot. An advanced search function ensures that the participants can easily locate companies of interest to them. Most importantly, the program is designed to avoid double booking and conflicting schedules.

The system automatically sends email notifications, to both the requesting party and invite, when a meeting has been set, changed and canceled.

How should I prepare to participate in the round?

The essence of a business round is efficiency as they gather for a limited time in one place for buyers and sellers of a region. To seize this opportunity, you need to devote time to a few days before you have everything you need: information of the people you will meet, support material, business cards, etc.

Should I bring or prepare something special for the meetings?

It is essential to have a brief presentation of your company, products, and services. Each meeting lasts 15 to 20 minutes, It is, therefore, critical pre-prepared synthetic speech presentation. You can present samples, show videos, or pictures of products, facilities or examples of projects; deliver brochures or catalogs; or invite your partner to seek more information on the website or social network of your business.

Develop price lists, taking into account transport, insurance, tariffs, and taxes, to know the selling price and profit margins and determine deadlines; because they are points that often ask the counterpart abroad.

Some Recomendations

  • Try not only to sell but to establish the beginning of a business relationship. The goal should be to find points of contact, future opportunities and have a good time working. In some cases, sales can be made in a short time, but usually requires more extensive than the minutes of a round process.

  • Taking notes during interviews where not only information that may be useful (name of your partner, business type, an area of operation, history, etc.) but also the personal impressions of the meetings is collected. As many meetings later can be difficult to remember details about the company or the person with whom he spoke. If you agree to submit budgets, extra material samples or presentation, make sure to leave it registered to fulfill it then.

  • After each meeting, take a picture with whom you kept the interview is a good excuse to then send, and resume contact after the round and is also useful to help them remember your face

  • At the end of the meeting rooms, it is advisable to take a few minutes to take stock and identify with whom it is worth continuing the business relationship. If you have already closed business, great! But you will probably have to move forward with the “networking” through calls, emails once the event is over.