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Welcome to Allianceshares Logistics, your premier partner in the realm of freight transportation.
Renowned for our large and strong operations in Mexico, China, and Canada, complemented by
an expansive network across Europe, Central, and South America, we proudly lead the industry
in facilitating the import, export, and distribution of supplies and goods nationwide.
About Us:
At Allianceshares, we take pride in offering comprehensive, efficient, managed and controlled
logistics and transportation services, supported by many years of industry expertise.
Our dedicated team, characterized by a commitment to personalized attention and genuine
warmth, ensures unparalleled service delivery. From our strategic headquarters in Mexico, we
manage operations across the globe, meticulously crafting tailor-made solutions to meet the
unique needs of each client.
Our Services:

  • International Freight Transportation: With our own fleet and strategic partnerships, we
    guarantee safe and efficient deliveries worldwide.
  • Customs Management: We facilitate seamless customs processes to optimize the flow of
    goods, guaranteeing adherence to regulations at every stage.
  • Cargo Insurance: We protect your shipments with comprehensive and tailored insurance,
    providing peace of mind with every transaction, providing live updates and evidence throughout
    your delivery.
  • Specialized Services: Whether it’s storage, distribution, or reverse logistics, we provide tailored
    solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements.
    Our Philosophy:
    At Allianceshares, we value transparency, efficiency, and reliability. We are committed to
    exceeding our clients’ expectations in every interaction, prioritizing operational excellence with
    warmth, personalized customer service.
    Join Us!
    If you’re looking for a freight transportation partner that offers comprehensive solutions and
    exceptional quality of service, Allianceshares is your best choice!

Join our extensive network of partners and satisfied clients across the world and discover an
unmatched logistics experience. Where Logistics has never felt so easy.

Main Contact
Jose Alberto Jimenez Peregrina
[email protected]
+52 333129 4941

Sales Contact
[email protected]
+52 3322706689

Operantions Contact
+52 33 2455 6995
[email protected]

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