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VANSAIL GLOBAL EXPRESS is versed with the following skills developed in response to the needs of regional companies:

Able to provide a competitive “transport” service offering added value.

Able to offer customized solutions that will contribute to the success of local economic stakeholders.

Provides a pertinent strategy which led to numerous collaborative projects with SMEs, traders, import-export companies, etc.

On the strength of this trust, VANSAIL GLOBAL EXPRESS forged special relationships with shipping and air line companies, guaranteeing a very high quality of service at competitive prices.


VANSAIL GLOBAL EXPRESS decided to apply its commercial concept to the sourcing sector through external growth. The company spent several years developing links with African/Middle Eastern/European buyers in various commodities sourcing in China.


VANSAIL GLOBAL EXPRESS offers the expertise of a company with professional staff possessing the full range of services in the freight business.

Our staff have many years of experience with the company and are driving the business forward. They all receive ongoing vocational training in the transport sector and are capable of managing any logistical, documentary or customs constraints throughout the world. Benefiting from its network of experienced agents and the support of an experienced group, VANSAIL GLOBAL EXPRESS today serves a national and international clientele.

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