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With over 20+ years of logistical experience, Tower Logistics Group LLC, a freight forwarder in
Miami, FL provides highly personalized services with competitive rates to various points around
the world. Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide an efficient and effective service to
all our customers.
As a freight forwarder based in Miami, FL, we handle import and export shipments to Central
America, South America, The Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Our team is highly
knowledgeable with both US import and export regulations, and documentation via air and ocean
transport. In addition, we provide inland services to all points in the continental US, Mexico, and
At Tower Logistics Group LLC, we strive to provide high quality freight forwarding services where
every customer can benefit financially and efficiently to meet their logistical needs. Our
commitment to excellence is our highest priority.

Main Contact
Eduardo Pertuz
[email protected]

Felix Naveran
[email protected]

Sales Contact
Felix Naveran
[email protected]

Operations Contact
Eldys Veiras
[email protected]

Administration Contact
Eduardo Pertuz
[email protected]

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