CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Co Ltd (Additional Office)


CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Co., Ltd., has numerous branch offices in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, staffed by more than 550 personnel. Our set up is not only in big gateways but also places that have potential for develop in the future.  We’re the master loaders in China, we have contract with more than 30 airlines and also we have signed contracts with more than 10 shipping lines. Other than the traditional airfreight / ocean freight product, we also working closely with ecommerce business. To adapt to this new business model, we need to set up an operation team and IT capability that need to meet all the marketing standard in this industries. We have a team of people that work middle of the night in PVG/SZX/CAN/HKG to receive cargo that normally comes in 0300 to ensure all the turnaround time from gate to final destination is within 48 hours. Our Company also have  API connected with Posts, Express Companies, Ports, Consolidators, Wholesalers, and Customers’ systems to make sure end-to-end information flow. We are also putting in more resources to promote rail services from China to Europe. We fully believe that this transportation model will get more significant and in the same class like Air and Ocean. The prospective is not only to Europe but with the one belt one route policy, it will actually cover the Asia subcontinents as well.The Company  is still running with a young team with a very simple structures. All business decision can be made with couple of call and emails.  This really can help us to mobilize resources within a short period of time to react with any urgent requirements or project.

Network Development Coordinator
Jasmine Chen
[email protected]

Administration Contact
Star He

[email protected]

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