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COGI Logistic Solutions is a Houston, Texas-based Multilingual english/French/Spanish/Hungarian/Slovak/Czech) 3 PL Logistics Solutions Provider with truly global reach, dedicated to assisting our customers with all of their logistics needs, by any mode of transport, to anywhere in the world. Freight forwarding and brokerage is our expertise, finding a tailored solution to your logistics needs is our passion. We don’t know the word “impossible”, we don’t do the status quo. Delivering your goods on time and in a safe manner is our top and only priority!

COGI will settle for nothing less than delivering its services with HONESTY, RESPECT for others, LOYALTY, GENEROSITY and KINDNESS, while insuring INTEGRITY, RESPECT FOR RIGHTS and EQUALITY .

  • We are all leaders in our area of responsibility with a commitment to deliver leadership results, clear vision of where we are going is the key and paramount to successfully deliver on our commitment to you.
  • Our word is our bond. Personal accountability while helping others improve their effectiveness reconfirms that we are all company “owners” with an eye on insuring our company’s long-term success
  • We value and reward open, honest communication within and with all whom COGI interacts. It is paramount we only make promises we intend to keep – we do the things we say we will do.
  • We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most to our customers. The status quo is not an option, nothing is impossible.
  • Our desire to be the best, win and lead in the marketplace is driven by our passion to deliver the best possible service because we always have the customer in mind.
  • Respect and trust are the foundation of our environment that we not only exercise towards our customers, but towards colleagues and anyone interacting with COGI. We treat you as we want to be treated.

We act on a conviction that the men and woman of COGI will always be its most important asset. Therefore, we are building COGI from within, promoting and rewarding our people while insuring that their skills and our services are continuously developing to maximize our professional delivery in our everyday client relationships.

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