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Business In Motion Peru S.A.C. is a company dedicated to the provision of international transport services,
focused on the integral support of the logistics and supply chain, both in import and export operations under
different conditions.
In our efforts to promote our services, we direct to small and big companies implementing and providing
logistic solutions to the various requirements that can be presented in the process and treatment of the load;
Prioritizing the service and traceability of the shipment, information that will help customer ́s companies to have
better handling of the times and delivery of merchandise to/with its customers. Thanks to the commitment and
experience of our collaborators, we respond with agility and efficiency to any demand, which makes us your
strategic partner of guarantee.

As logistic operator, we prioritize the shipment’s service and traceability, this allows us to keep it informed of all
the details and particulars that are given in the importation; Information that will help your company to better
manage its times and delivery of merchandise to/ with its customers.
We offer a competitive rate to our customers, which will allow them to reduce the cost of the product generating
greater profitability, this without neglecting the service that characterizes us.
Our interest is to support customers in their growth as long as they allow us, because growing them, we grow.


Main Contact

Guillermo Bonifacio
[email protected]
WhatsApp: +51 969858821
Cel :+51 969858821

Sales Contact

Guillermo Bonifacio
[email protected]

Operation Contact

Adrian Gonzales Q.
[email protected]

Administration Contact

Karla Ferreyros C.
[email protected]

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