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Bright Star Logistics (BSL), an international freight forwarding company where your complete
satisfaction is our number one priority. We are committed to providing world-class services and personalized solutions for all your shipping needs. Our staffs’ strong educational background combined with our network of experienced domestic and international agents are well equipped to handle every type of cargo from general to pharmaceutical to hazardous materials.
Our experts can evaluate your logistics requirements and recommend the best strategy for ensuring
your shipment arrives on time and on budget. Our staffs are experienced to satisfy the toughest
requirements of clients on shipping and transportation-related services, reliable and secure handling of
cargo, and every time – especially with time-sensitive shipments.
Our worldwide network of experienced agents and our skilled, in-house staffs enable us to reach and exceed all your shipping needs, – regardless of size, routing or distance. We, BSL always take a step toward our goal which is to become «Integrated Logistics Service Provider» to meet Enterprise Customers’ shipping needs such as Costs saving, Lead-time management, Cargo safety, Documents & Operation Hassle free etc.

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