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Victor Luigi Silva Guiterrez
Email: [email protected]

Sales Contact

Deybi Vasquez Pedemonte
Email: [email protected]

Operations Contact

Marisel Garro de la Cruz
Email: [email protected]

Adminsitration Contact

Jose Nalvarte Malaga
Email: [email protected]

Advanced Distribution Logistics (AD LOGISTICS) is a freight forwarder and logistics operator located in Peru. It’s conformed by expert professionals with long experiense in the market. Experiense that allows us to cover our customers’ need.Our services:-International transportation LCL / FCL by air/sea/multimodal.-Insurance policy-Customs clearance.-Local transport in origin, at destination-Cargo storage.-Others according to impo/expo process.According to usual operation, we realized sometimes there are problems with wrong coordinations between shippers-importes, uncertainty if process is fine and other issues that can make operativity costly. That’s why we implemented a process called ADVANCED SERVICED.Advanced Service is a  process where our team contact directly shippers or exporters in origin in order to review correct hs codes, if there are discounts in customs taxes, right way to cargo according to details of commodity. To sum it up: All issues in order to work with the most competitive way of transport with the correct documents so customs clearance will be satisfatority made.These all services made us the best choise for manage proyects of shipments from/to the different ports in Peru, as well as taking care of logistic process.

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